An Eye For The Main Chance

Stone Rosetta

There have been many times
Where I've took it upon myself
Your coldness in the face of this
Cannot begin to understand
No explanations
No mix of words
Inspired and lost all at once
It's no different now
It's no different now
To kiss farewell - To close the door
To hang the dream, insist I'm wrong

Am I wrong
Am I wrong
Because you have an eye. An eye for the main chance

To purify dismiss it all
When Jesus came - When angels fall
You know deep down things never change
They coincide. They rearrange
But what could you expect from me
When all things said and done
Am I wrong...

Sit back, just think a while
Behind closed doors you can criticise
I can tolerate though falsified
The atmosphere is hard to hide
The hatred that I feel for one so close
Who coldly lied to me

Am I wrong...