Please Let Me Know

City Lights

Someone please let me know
That it's okay for me to not let go
Of how it felt to have
The entire world at my feet
Not a worry on my mind
Please let me know
When we were kids
Things were so different
People didn't spend all their time
Talkin' shit on the internet
If you've got something to say
Why not say it to my face
We spent all our time
Wishing we were older
But now we're getting old
And it fucking sucks
We try our very best
To stay young at heart
When we were young
Life was so dissonant
Sitting on the edge of our seats
Anticipating what would come next
Who'd have thought that someday
Would get here so damn soon
I'm gonna put real life aside
Give it some faith
And let fate decide
'Cause sometimes our destiny
Is beyond our control