As Friends Rust

Morningleaver starts her day. 
Morningleaver's got her way: never stay. 
At a loss for clever entrance lines, 
The room's just the same once you're in. 
Feeding from a trough of pins to truly test the strength of gin. 
Where do we begin, when you're already at the end? 
The nightlife leaves us dead, the going-out turns you in. 
Woman, are you going home? 
Packing up and going home? 
Would it kill you (just once) to stick around for a while? 
Break the rules, stay past dawn. 
Hang out with your clothes on. 
Get to know the day-time me. 
Do you always have to fucking leave? 
Get to know the breakfast me. 
Do you always have to fuck and leave? 
Woman, are you going home?