Seawitch And The Sorcerer

Kivimetsän Druidi

In maelstrom magical
in winds unnatural
through pounding waves
little fighting ship goes flying

fury fills the sky with flame
strange currents, sailor-bane:
Beware! for thou hast angered a foe terrifying.

Grim-eyed, they face then: odds are not even-
Sea-Witch, come here and tame the raging oceans!
this craft of night skies, woman-secrets changing tides-
better have some use or the sea will swallow all of us.

"These winds I've raised shall throw you under,
None shall pass, there's no safe harbour.
This is the price of angering me,
you and yours shall never safe be."

"Oh, Who drifts on the moody waters, who takes to the lady sea..."
Oh, Who thinks himself worthy, a hero, justified to bring misery..."

Heed to this...
"Take this to heart and be warned:
behold the rules of eldest battle."
...Beware for your soul...
"Two times magick, three times loss,
for every spell bares caster's essence--"
...for I feel the shape of you...
In your spell your soul is open,
power equals pure surrender
...Who is this little creature?
In this spell he tastes your deepest,
in these winds the shape of your soul.

behind every flying wave, between every drop of rain
little witch now reaches knitting her web of magic.
In malestrom magical, in winds unnatural
they see- a path of calm and silence opens.

None asked, none answered: no questions, onward!
Once more our path is clear for the quest of justice.
Onward with defiance, on, raise your spirits,
fear not, for we have Moon-magicks on our side.

Cause so great, your cause so holy-
stay and suffer your quest is folly.
Name me monster, name me tyrant-
you know nothing, you bright-eyed defiant!

High above floating in full abandon,
hiding from the Sorcerer's eye.
Hardly seen, hardly even sought?
in silent Night she scatters her mind.

And her eyes widen
and her soul is taken with awe.
In the winds she
suddenly hears the most familiar call:

"Oh my...
...he has my name"