Any Place I Hang My Hat Is Home

Streisand Barbra

Free an' easy,
That's my style,
Howdy do me,
Watch me smile,
But fare the well me after while,
'Cause I gotta roam
An' any place I hang my hat is home!
Sweetenin' water,
Cherry wine,
Thank you kindly,
Suits me fine,
Kansas City, even Caroline,
That's my honeycomb,
'Cause any place I hang my hat is home.
Birds roostin' in a tree pick up an' go,
An' the goin' proves that's how it oughta to be,
I pick up too when the spirit moves me.
Cross the river, round the bend,
Howdy stranger,
So long friend,
There's a voice in the lonesome win'
Keeps whisperin' roam!
I'm going where a welcome mat is,
No matter where that is,
'Cause any place I hang my hat is home