Just Another Day

Cena John

This is just another day in the life
Seven flight connectors - past due bill collectors
This is just another day in the life
Mo' money mo' problems - and I ain't got money to solve 'em
This is just another day in the life
Gettin mobbed by fans - man nobody even knows who I am
This is just another day in the life
This is just another day... in my life

Everybody askin me - what you really like?
Is this really life? Do you really fight?
Do you fear the mic, when there's millions watchin?
Are you super rich now, how much grip you coppin?
You the new kid, now you gettin some shine
When every vet sayin that it's not yo' time
My hustle is non-stop and it's not yo' grind
Plus I hear very clear, I'm not so blind
Beef I don't sweat it, sleep I don't get it
I remember your face it's just your name I forget it
These days they melt together as one
I got some plans to do shit that ain't never been done
Take this game into battles that ain't never been won
I ain't gon' walk through life, I think it's better to run
And yeah I'm eatin right if you askin
But the size of my wallet that's reflection of passion

Just another face in the crowd, so to speak
Huh, my electric was cut off last weak
No heat, no food, no money, no girls
And if life's my oyster then I ain't found pearls
Makin moves every day so the ends could meet
No gas money, so I use my legs and feet
Everybody I meet man, they likely saw
that I be in the same clothes from the night before
Shoes so old you can call 'em retros
Man I'm so damn broke, even my wallet echoes
I got a dollar and change; man, I'm under the gun
That buck's the only thing keepin me from bein a bum
That's why I'm writin these words man, so I can get on
So I can realize bein poor was makin me strong
And the only reason I can't rub pennies together
is cause I carry big bills, in genuine leather

Shakin hands with some fans by the thousands
My place so poor, looks like public housin
Gettin the Porsche when I shoulda got the CL6
My ride broke down, I'ma kinda between whips
Face on the X-Box, you played the game lately?
Man I can't rent, I owe too much in late fees
Do I, charter a jet, or fly first class?
Do I take a cab?  Bus seats hurt my ass
Pay my jeweler in cash, he don't take a check
The chain I rock, leaves a green mark on my neck
Do I get the filet steak or the shrimp & crab mix?
Do I get a number 3 or a number 6?
Get in the club V.I.P. man they lettin me slide
Man they bust me for dress code, I'm still outside
Everybody wanna be down, but I ain't got no friends
Man nobody's around, I ain't got no friends


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