Twin Shadow

Does it feel the same
When the moon comes back again
Are you just pretending
This is not the ending
My body aches inside you
What you'll never know
Is the way it leaves me wanting
A pain you'll never know
I don't want you, I just need to

Embrace then drift
Relax and shift
You eclipse me
You eclipse me
Release, resist
Hold back, then kiss
To eclipse me
To eclipse me

I've paid the price of solitude
Quiet never gives
Comfort for your broken parts
That hear me when you leave
No one else can pass
A perfect arrogance
You whispered to me carefully
I don't need to

No other shadow can embrace the light
You can take it all if you want to
I surrender this time
And no other shadow
Has taking my life
You eclipse me
You eclipse me
You eclipse me