Dawn of a Million Souls

Star One

At the birth of time, the beginning of beginnings
One cosmic soul was created
A bringer of life, a universal migrator
Born to sow its seeds in all the galaxies
Like a cell dividing, it spreads in all directions
Creating life among the stars
I'm struck with awe as I join the great migrator
Now it takes flight to the brightest star of all
On a quest for life, through the sable skies
What a show!
What a show!
The dawn of a million souls
On a bold crusade, in the realm of shade
Through the glowing mist, like a fog of radiation
I can see the forming of new planets
I've been struck by thunder as I witness all the splendour
And I realise how small we really are
Ooh, I can see forever
On the wings of dreams I fly
Is this real or is it just a fantasy?
What awaits me now?

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