Master of Darkness

Star One

Will you teach me the skills of the old ways
Lying dormant in me
Help me evolve and enter a new phase
Where my spirit runs free
I cannot teach you, I feel too much violence
And it's clouding your view
Clear your mind, master the silence
Let it flow within you
I can feel a storm of passion raging deep inside you
Control your hate
Now it's time to yield to your aggression just like I do
Now choose your fate
And be a master of darkness!
Don't be afraid, I won't stray down the dark path
My conviction is strong
Those who've sinned will answer to my wrath
I will right what is wrong
That's not the way, the dark will absorb you
You should never attack
You will be lost like many before you
There will be no way back
You cannot break me, I'm not afraid of you
Don't think you've already won
I am your destiny, you know it to be true
Don't make me kill you, my son
I don't believe your lies, I can't imagine this
How can you say that to me?
You've got to realize it's useless to resist
Join me, we'll rule the galaxy
[Princess: Floor]