Mr. Brett


Born into the middle class 
Yeah, all you had to do was ask 
And mom and dad would give you what you needed 
And though I didn't know you then 
I know you'll probably defend 
And take the stand in the life that you'd been cheated 
So you adopt a punk rock life 
A leather jacket, hair with spikes 
And join a band 
'Cause you must have a say 
And though you helped out with it that time 
There's those of us, who keep on 
Trying to make a living and not sound like Green Day 
Trade rags say you're making it, now you're old 
You don't give a shit. 
Subconsciously fullfilled prophecy you've become your own nemesis 

Mr. Brett, we won't pay that fee to keep you 
Livin' in luxury 
Some say genius, some say mistake 
But you've become what you used to hate 

So now we're in the 90's and punk's not what it used to be 
It's gone downhill since 1982 
And though I liked most of your bands 
And listen to them all I can 
It's fucked up that you think it's 'cause of you 
You think that you're still part of the scene 
Nail painted black, hair dyed dark green 
For you this mid life crisis has come on strong 
Now punk rock's been accepted 
And they've realized it's not just a fad 
Please, stay behind that desk where you belong 
Punk rock life's been good to you 
Now Corporate punk's the thing to do 
Obnoxiously, you raised your fee, 
You'll see to it we'll all get screwed.