The Beu Sisters

Baby, am I in a daze? What is it about you?
I’ve never been this hazy, seeing stars and smelling 
Tell me I’m not going crazy say you feel it too.

I have been hypnotized and mesmerized by you.
I never met a guy that made me feel so good inside
And I can see it in your eyes you feel the same way 
So what’s your secret how did you get me to fall for 
Was it voodoo?
I bet you knew I can’t seem to get you off my mind. 
Twitterpated all the time.

Under your spell I have no chance
(Baby I don’t have a chance) 
Star struck falling fast into a trance
(Oh-oh I admit I) Can’t resist it I get overwhelmed
With every kiss I fell under your spell.

Life was predictable, till I was swept away.
My days were gray and dull I never thought it possible
That your love would be capable of showing me the way.
Now I’m obsessed and each caress just makes me long for 
What did you do? I bet you knew that I’m haunted by you 
all the time.
And baby I don’t mind. 

(Repeat chorus)

(Bridge) x4   Baby am I in a daze…
(Repeat chorus)  

Lyrics by Christie Beu  
Copyright 2011  
Beach Breakz Records

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