Richie Dagger's Crime

The Germs

I'm Richie Dagger 
I can stomp and swagger 
I can take on all your heroes 
I'm Richie Dagger 
I'm young and I'm haggard 
The boy that nobody owns 
He sits in his corner like a child despised 
A crazy sort of cast comes over his eyes-- 
That's Richie Dagger's crime 

He's the sort of boy who was never much loved 
His idea of fun was society's grudge-- 
That's Richie Dagger's crime

His life was a mess 
And his friends weren't quite the best 
But he was satisfied-- 
That's Richie Dagger's crime 
Suck me in and spit me out 
Devour me in haste 


He could set your mind ablaze 
With sparkling eyes and visionary case 
He stood like the remnant of an outbreak past 
Wore something in his ear and 
Boy was he sass--