Here I Am


chorus (4x)
Say yeah!
Come on ya!
Here I am, here I am
Where you at?
I be the ruff cat with a back and the napsack
Takeing all the shorties out with my wicked flow
Wu-tang on the go, never slow time to blow
Up so wuzz up, you better duck or get buck
Live cool shortie who don't give a flying fuck
So what's up sonie?
Now let me throw the the Kay
The little rascal with a fade and rugged boxs braise
So a born a born terror, a.k.a a rugged child
Niggaz on my tip so hard I be the life style
But I get silky, go for you like milk gee
Brothers sun on wack on waxs like Milli Vanilli
Uhh! you know I've got the style with the flavor
When I stick you up you need more then life savers
If I rob a bank can't forget to be swip and if he runs his lip,
that as will be his
chorus (4x)
Say yeah!
Come on ya!
I'm the jam, I slam, cause I am the man, hut damn!
I swing more beats than tarzan
Am a rascal bad little bastard
Brothers try to gas it but yo I'm not having it
Chump try to play me by they trees a company
Was a money grip, what's your problem, why your bumpin' me
what's you want beef?
Yo she dearload the tec-nine
Get the bag full of shells cause Ima get moms boy
Ima joker and not just a little tree
Cause I row deep with rascal and g.p's
Kidnapped your girl, don't worry I won't hurt her
But then you try to save her with the old black super sworda'
You got srayed your girl got the pinnie-ray
Then she got slaved in a old owl sex compays
So who are you to try to play lice smooth you ain't cool
that's why we set it of in no'
Now what you gonna do?
It's a Wu thang
You would'nt understand
It's a Wu-tang thang
My man!
It's a Wu thang
You would'nt understand
It's a Wu-tang thang
My man, plus it
I'm slick that's why you swat my deals nig
Well here's a little trick when I flip the bit
Ahh shit!
I hip with the hop that's why I rock non-stop, you say five is lot
But I roll the drip drop
Like  E. Solo I be the spell bown let a man down
Here I am, here I am, here I am
L double E you can F you see K with Emmy,
so get thruw your fucking head gee
Stat Island in the house!
Plus my styles is back and fourth from New York back the town suff
Let it rain in the park as I start the spark
Tah kick the fly rhymes and have you blowin' in the dark
...yo punk as!
chorus (4x)
Say yeah!
Come on ya!