Dead By Dawn

Feed Her to the Sharks

Dead by dawn
Nothing can save me now
Now I lay before you
With 24 hours to live
Falling into darkness
Torn to pieces
Reduced to this
Giving up...
No it's not the answer!
Giving up...
Running from the cancer
I run from an un-escapable fate
Dead by dawn
I'll be buried in the ground
Before you wake close your eyes
Save our pictures from the past
In your dreams
Now it's time to say goodbye
Time for one last kiss
Buried beneath my lungs
Dies the bitter taste of regret
3 seconds to live...
2 seconds to live...
1 second to live...
Nothing can save me now!
Can you save me now?
Here I lay before you
A fragile Mannequin
I lay motionless...
I close my eyes...
It's time to die...
Dip me up in a body bag
Now I can rest tonight!