Fuck Melbourne

Feed Her to the Sharks

Is this what you've become
 A shadow of yourself reduced to nothing but a sheep amongst the fools
 You're just another glitch in this scene you bitch 
 Why can't you be yourself 
 You will never impress me with your green eyes 
 Two red ribbons on the back of your thighs are saying screw me tonight I've done this before 
 I am skin deep and I'll always be a dirt cheap whore 
 Every paycheck she lives for the weekend, cracked and jaded as she degrades herself 
 There's nothing left but an empty shell
 Fuck melbourne 
 Fuck the drainers 
 They're on a road to no where 
 How long till you wake up from a dead existence 
 What have you become?
 Fuck the guys with ink on their ink 
 You think you're cool but you won't win my respect 
 You're not a rock star 
 You're not famous 
 You're just a scene kid dying for attention! 
 With sharp teeth I will rip you apart
 We are the wolves
 Every paycheck he drinks till he's wasted 
 Lost and shameless he doesn't fucking know himself 
 There's nothing left but an empty shell
 Take me far away from this deadbeat town 
 Save me from the filth and vermin 
 You drained this city from life to ruins
 Take me away this is a wasteland

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