A decree went out from Caesar 
  Let the people be numbered 
Each in the town of his birth 
  Let the people obey 
A young couple came 
  To the city of David 
She gave birth to the Son of the Lord 
  In a manger He lay 

Jesus of Nazareth 
God's only Son 
He gave his life as our Saviour 
Our lives have only begun 

The Son of God; the Son of man 
  Christ Messiah 
Miracles flowed from His hands 
  But His message was love 
He chose twelve from thousands 
  To witness His teaching 
For He knew that He soon must return 
  To His Father above 

Thirty pieces of silver 
  And Judas betrayed Him 
They crcuified Christ on a cross 
  Where everybody could see 
He died to pay for our sin 
  And our salvation is free know 
"Eternal life is God's gift to the world 
  If you believe in Me