There's A New World Coming


Hey people, did you know a new world's coming? 
Hey people, have you heard; it won't be long 
Its coming soon, I've heard them say 
And you, my friend, can be there too 
When Jesus Christ comes back to stay 
The choice is really up to you 

Well it's all right; this world ain't worth a dime 
Hold on tight; it might happen any time 
See the light; open your eyes 
You know there's a new world coming 
And Christ is coming too 
And I can't wait 'till He gets back 
Watch out; I'm talking about 
A new world coming 

I want an angel for a next door neighbor 
Hey, Gabriel just might drop in for tea 
Isaiah lives two blocks away 
By Matthew, Mark, and Luke, and John 
I saw Jeremiah yesterday 
And he brought James and Paul along...