Until The Lights Burnout

Look Mexico

Have you ever tried to create colors out of nothing
But leaves, sticks and stones
You've got to breathe into it
But not too hard
To inspire that little spark

I've been working hard on this same failing fire
Where there's a lot of smoke
A lot of smoke
What would you say if I told you
I'm giving up
No more air left in these lungs
You'd say, you're not burnt out
You just can't hold the flame
For long enough to make it work
And I say, I get the feeling
You're implying that I'm trying to quit
But I will whatever, whenever I see fit
I've always a motivated person with direction
And now I will direct you to the door

Cause I've been working hard on this same fleeting fire
And now I'm burning it down
I'm burning it down

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