Underneath The Ground

The Jokerr

Hey are you looking for me?
You'll find us underneath the ground (2x)

[Verse 1: The Jokerr]
I'm like Dennis Leary in Demolition Man, bitch
Living in the pipes like a flushed goldfish
Underneath the land which you take for granted
Til I overthrow the city and incite panic
Yeah I'm right there all the time peeking from the pipes
With the roaches and the rats and the leeches and the mice

You'll find us underneath the ground

I got a whole damn society of soldiers who ride with me
And will rise with me in the revolt and die with me violently
We gotta do what we gotta do if it's needed
And overthrow the clergy til everyone retreated
I renounce my allegiance to the bone head elitist
And their houses and their whips from the mountains to the beaches
I'm the undisputed leader to this underground legion
And we bout to have everybody running around screaming


[Verse 2: G-Mo Skee]
Whose your favorite MC? I'm the complete opposite
My chopper hits any little faggot rapper with confidence
The filthiest two feet to step foot on your continent
On some presidential campaign G-MoBama shit
Sending out drones to the mainstream regime
And anybody reppin' the same team can bleed

You'll find us underneath the ground

Keep going, If I go any deeper down I'm hellbound
Take whatever's worth more it's a global turf war
Me and Jokerr are both racing to claim the earth's core
Try to fuck me out of everything I've worked for
They'll find you floating in the fucking water like a surfboard
Cowabunga, I hit the mic every line counts
You wave riding while I'm hang gliding past the White House
Since I'm rocking with J to the O niggas might pout
Cause they already you motherfuckers getting wiped out

[Verse 3: Jokerr]
In when the streets get dark at night we emerge
Like the steam rising up from the gutters in the curbs

[G-Mo Skee]
I got the urge to serve any rapper using words like
YOLO, swag, or swerve I'll give them what they deserve nigga

We ain't thugs, we just live in the sludge
And for this underground shit we've all given up blood

[G-Mo Skee]
And I was sick with a grudge to pull the plug on the industry
I'm making more enemies than John F. Kennedy

It's like bang, bang leaving the mainstream bleeding
Everybody got something to say until we come to see them nigga

[G-Mo Skee]
You at the radio station subliminally speaking
Til I catch you outside of your safe haven and I'm swinging

And now we keep it down underground in control
Soon every manhole cover around will explode

[G-Mo Skee]
And every man who chose to step on my toes will be exposed
What goes up must come down and close motherfucker


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