School of rock - Zac´s song

- Filmové melodie

G                            C
Baby we was makin straight A's
D                              C
But we were stuck in a dumb daze
G                                  C
Dont take much to memorize your lies
D                             C
feel like ive been hipnotisized
G                                     C
But then that magic man he come to town
D                                C
Wo-We he done spun my head around
He said recess is in session
Two and two make five
And now baby oh im alive Wo-We I am alive

G                                  C
And if you wanna be the teachers pet
Well baby you just better forget it
G                               C
Rock got no reason rock got no ryme
And now baby oh im alive Wo-We I am alive!!

(Dewies solo)
             G                     C
Oh you know I was on the honor roll
D                               C
Got good grades ain`t got no soul
G                                      C
Raise my hand before I can speak my mind
D                                      C
I've been bitin my tounge too many times
G                                   C
And then that magic man took you away
              D                           C
Do what magic man do not what magic man say
Now may I please have the attention of the class
Todays ass-signment (odkašlání)

G                   C
This is my final exam
D                    C
Now yall know who I am
G                            C
I might not be that perfect son
D                             C
But yall be rockin when im done