The Phoenix


The phoenix, no longer a myth
So strike a match and watch it burn
Our destination's rigor mortise
'Cause nobody listens and nobody learns

And your world rejects my kind
And those words have lost their touch
And this place has lost its mind
So now I wanna burn it up

Humility, is based on trust
But ignorance and arrogance rule the grounds
So ashes to ashes and dust to dust
And now I wanna burn this whole place down

Leashed, cuffed, locked and hooked
Blow it down, tear it down, burn it down
Blackmail come take it to a whole new level
Motherfucker, I can't wait till I can watch you drown

And you place our trust in you
Reassure us that we're not to blame
But the tables turn and we're the first to burn
Now I could never look at you the same

So take your word and shove it
Come take your deal and shove it
Just take the lie and shove it
I know what you really are

The school in which we learn
Is the fire in which we'll burn
The school in which we learn
Is the fire in which we will burn