Forrest Jump

I´m looking forward to see you taking my hand
By my hand you can try to hit my face
But it´s nonsense I believe it´s only race by race
By my hand you can try to hit my brain
But it´s nonsense I believe that my soul does not stain
Inside me you´ll see a little sea
It´s deeper and it´s stronger than P.M.R.C.
All these things you can do by my hand
But I´m screaming no more misunderstadnd

Don´t waste your time kill me by knife
The best way to fight out the strife
But you and me we´re grown into one
Hold fast but not for fun
We´re short of time our lifes burns fast
Don´t wait for forecast
On my soul you can see red sign
Advocating yeah I´m fine

Flying like eagle trying fly to the sky
Adelaide sleeps I take care of her dream
Fighting with evil we can fly so high
No pain no fear we turn to the stream

By my hand …Adelaide

Flying …

Don´t waste your time …