Richest Man On Earth

Overstreet Paul

I've heard tell of millionaires 
And billionaires and such 
Who gathered all their treasures 
And still did not have enough 

If money could buy peace of mind 
I guess they'd have it all 
But all the money in the world 
Wouldn't hold you when you fall 

We've got a roof over our head 
And the kids have all been fed 
And the women I love most 
Lies close beside me in our bead 
Lord, give me the eyes to see 
Exactly what it's worth 
And I will be the richest man on earth 

Lord, when I wish I had the things 
That you gave someone else 
I pray that you'll forgive me 
For just thinkin' of myself 

I haven't been as thankful 
As I know I ought to be 
I should be more then satisfied 
With all you've given me 

One thing is for certain 
It don't matter when you die 
If you had a million 
Or if you just got by 
yes, I will be the richest man on earth