Podsiadło Dawid

It’s like all that I’ve learned doesn’t matter anymore
Your heart I have broken and left it exposed
I trusted a moment, haven’t thought this through
Thousand pieces of our own love, they will never bloom

The other side looked so much better
She was wearing a smile when I met her

This bridge is my own fault
I felt locked in a cage and decided to go
Chasing freedom that I thought I’ve lost
I just wasn’t ready to admit I was wrong
But when I tasted the new world
I found out the cage was a place I belong

All that I’ve learned doesn’t matter anymore
I’ve gathered your feelings, they’re here in my arms
Can you see I have changed, does it even matter to you?
I’m a fool to believe so but it’s the last thing I have got

The other side seemed so much better
I wish I hadn’t seen the smile when I met her

You told me I should be alone
Hide in a place where it’s dark and it’s cold
Second chances aren’t here no more
I used all of those very long time ago
Now there’s only this to say
I miss you everyday

I miss you everyday