New World Hors D'oeuvre

Victims Family

"God speaks English and ignores the cries of Baghdad's babies."
"The enemy is a dog that doesn't know he's foaming at the mouth
With rabies." They're back again (as if they ever went away) with
Their flags a-waiving, and their flags a-waiving (did I mention their
Flags a-waiving?) and their bloodlust craving and "the world we're
Saving, saving then from brazen immoral conflagration, we're the
United Nations here to bring you inflation and WAR!, oh just once
More for the new world order."
"We're serving up hors d'oeuvres you know we got a lot of nerve
When we got millions out of work and we need something that will
Perk up some new growth in the economy is worth all of the atrocity,
All of the hypocrisy, all of the stupidity and CHRIST! they'll pay the
Price, for not being so nice we'll kill 'em off like lice or rice or
Anything that rhymes with Vanilla Ice."
"We're spoonfeeding the press so they'll ignore our great big mess
And it won't worry ir depress the population it's a test of our new
Power in the media and our brand new immediate immaculate
Expedient, bloodless war for greedy fucking PIGS! with their oil rigs,
Who bomb little kids, for their profit grids, in bucks and quids."