Little Star

Chicks On Speed

Twinkle twinkle titty-twister
You tricked your mum
And killed your mister
She's got flowers in her hair
Virgin victim
It's not fair

Dancing queen
Spinning top
Twist and spin
Spin and drop
Heroin addict
Girl next door
Who only made it
To the floor

Poster girl
Pastel colours suit you well
Good night, sweet dreams
Go to hell
The pope, he says
You really smell

Twinkle twinkle titty-twister
And then the toaster
Nowhere left
But on the poster

I know you already told me
You couldn't take it any more
The centre of attention
After while it's such a bore
I left you to your own devices
You crashed the system
This is your crisis
On the poster you look so good
In reality, i wish you could
Be here me like the girl next door
Without the show or your head in the floor

Nowhere left
But on the poster