The King In The North

Seven Kingdoms

The eldest son of the Starks
Rides now to a wedding day
Against the tugging of his heart
To fulfill the oath he had betrayed

For the North
For this war
For his quest
To bring his family
For all the men who have died
And all now at his side
He'll brave the storm
And swallow his pride

The lady asks for the wine
She'll not take a chance on her eldest son's life
Her sons are now lost
The old lord said "I'll give you what is mine."
And then Edmure took vows with his wife

So the crossbows rang out, piercing flesh
"No!" the mother cried
"Mercy! Mercy! Mercy for my son!"
Vengeance takes us all

Across the world the ravens take to wing (dark wings bring dark words)
Spreading the word, the bloody death of a king (The King in the North)
This blasphemy, is it real or just a dream? (the crowning of the wolf)
The bards shall sing, tale of the Red Wedding

The future of the Seven Kingdoms
Depends on this wedding day
Something devious beats within the drums
In the great hall of Lord Walder Frey

The lady takes life for a life
Spilling blood from the young boy's neck
But the old lord cares not
In madness she gouges out her eyes
Before cold steel cuts and blood stains her dress

But now the rains weep o'er his hall
With no one there to hear
Yes now the rain weeps o'er his hall
And not a soul to hear
And not a soul to hear...