As you keep pushing forward
You hold on to righteous self for self power sake
Prove you're not a coward
Go on with decisions to make

In consequence of your creation
Gods are crying in dismay

Visions of the future, they will devour you
Reconciling with the past what a shame
Watch the answers change
For all questions you ever had

Comprehend, cogitate
Realize it's going nowhere, obliterate

The point of absolute prostration
A man stripped down to the very fear
And none of you shall reach out to him

Drowned in disease, crowned with your fears
Paralyzing self-righteousness, all your loves gone in tears
So close yet so far, so distant yet so near
The aesthetics gives you joy, sweetest of all decay

You're barely human, more like a creature
You may defend what's left, you many pretend to live
Horrifying death you'll be facing

I've done everything you wanted, like the ancient tragedy
You're not what you were meant to be means and ends are seen

"Learning means finding out what you may already know..."

But before the curtains close, to awaken all the hopes again
Deus ex machina is descending from the top

The audience holds the breath
Faintly rising from their seats
Eyes wide open
Here come their happy end

But wait... there's a halter on his neck
Ghastly pale going down with the ropes
Averting human's fall is the hangman's dream

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