Actus Fidei

Birds in Row

And we will burn our brains. We all finally do that: 
walking in line, sitting around the auto-da-fé. 
Technology's screaming and everybody's listening. Pawns 
conscious of being pawns, with wild open ears. We keep 
singing the praises of a system running by drowning its 
billions legs. On and on and on we're feeding it. I'm 
staying away from a game lost before it starts. No, i 
won't play my life to toss. Those coins are two-head 
faced and gambling's never been my thing. And i keep 
hoping lights are made to be seen, but it seems we only 
care about our f**king screens, when we're not hiding 
behind the memories of better days. We keep wasting our 
voice when noone's listening.