Get Up


Go! here we go now
Here is the excitement
Arriving its time now to try it
Get up and go
I was thinking
Is it love now
Im loving the passion thats inside when we
Can you feel me
Im alive now
Im really living it now
Ive lost track of time but im still ready to
This is alright
Ive been waiting
Respecting the goodness and believe its
Ive always wanted
This night
Tonight is the night for
My life to
I was wondering
What the point was
That theres no other time to
Ive never seen you like this
It must be the time or a sign that we should
Oh what happened
Right now
Just gotten better and effected our
Yeah this feels right
Like i should be here now
Being apart of the things that go with
When will it stop
Dont want it to be finished
Now ive seen how it works so i just wanna
Tell me I'm dumb I'm alone here freaking out
Nothing else more to see
Its the power
In the mind
To live it up large in this place with the
I can tell now
I found my flavor
And its about to stick so i can move with the
No more worries
Not thinking about the stories
I gave them away and all i want is to
Now i found it ill keep it close to me now
Im not going back to the start ill just get up and go.
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