So i'm here alone again
I was wondering if you think i'm a mess
What is the point of this?
Did I miss it was going wrong
And it had been this bad for so long
When you place the blame
Well it's such a shame
When you act this way
So whats the point of this
Tsunami all in front of me
Sit alone with a brewsky for the change its in the air
It's around me
It's all i wanna be
I'll carry on maybe not that far to go now
You said it to me
Give it up will work
It's all changed
Too much, never ends
Well i'm here alone again
I was wondering if you think i'm a mess
What is the point of this?
Soon it'll become clear
But until we get there
We gotta work through the fear
Well i know its rough
When you must confront
All the stuff you can bluff
But i'm not here to impress you with fakeness
I thought that this was real
Assusmed too much
What is the point of this?
Well it seems worse than it is
And i hope i'm right
Because this i will miss
But if we push on through
Then we can prove
There is too much to lose
So whats the point of this?
Waiting watching almost sleeping
Lonely hurting hope i'm keeping
I run falling over
Here comes that tsunami again
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