Glory Be Thy Name


Imitate - you have become a clone
Your transformation has left me disgusted
You're selfish and full of lies
Without change your destined to follow
Your feelings of self worth
They will take you to the pits of inner hell
And when you reach out for my hand
I will not protect you

Take a look inside your soul
Tell me what you feel
It's guilt and you cannot deny it
But you will
You'll be alone when you fall

Can't you see?
Can't you feel?
Can't you comprehend what it means to drift away?
It was you, it was I, it was our way. Is this the end?

Decide. The choice is simple
Days gone by - run towards them
They are where you come from
They are what you're feeling
They are everything that
You are

Go to that place inside you
Cut the cancer eating at your lifeline
Your spirit strength will shine through
As the cancer dies