Eve Of The Conqueror

Gospel of the Horns

Before one enters the palace of courage
 You must ask yourself � "Are you ready to die?"
 Are you prepared to bleed, do you know what death tastes like
 Have you gazed into the blood soaked corridors of immortality

 This warrior is armed to the teeth
 This warrior has life and death in the palm of his hands
 And sips the wine of mistaken identity
 And consumes the thought � "Is this my last stand?"

 Harness the beast from within
 The upper hand is ours
 All things sacred to you I'll smite
 The primal instinct to win

 For man is never truly alive
 Until he has felt paralysing fear wash over him in a ruthless tide
 I'm guided by the power of the pentagram
 My honour, my devotion, our union...

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