Time To Strike

Gospel of the Horns

I have this question for all of you
 Will you smash through the shackles, our moment of truth?
 Well I think it's now, now or never
 To use the past, to forge ahead in the future

 A new city shall be born
 The merchants of vengeance have called
 Dormant we are no more
 Blood pools filled with emotions of those
 Who suffer from their ignorant bliss
 (Here I stand draped in black)

 They may paint an enemy so barbaric
 But no ground shall be lost
 They may clench their fists
 But expect no prisoners here

 There are scores to be settled
 Settled once and for all
 An infinity of rage will invade their battered souls

 Condemned and subjected
 To our inquisition

 We shall revel in the spoils of our conquest
 The clan of the horned divine

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