Neverending Cloudy Day

No Motiv

I wish I could say how I feel for you just one last time I
Wish I could hear the beautiful sound of your heartbeet
Next to mine but that's a dream that I'll always hold dear
Since you'll never be here with me ever again I'll never
See you again for the rest of my life it's a neverending
Cloudy day for me I wish I could be with you in the good
Old days when nothing went wrong and I dread the days when
I want to talk to you but you're so long gone so I write
This song hoping someday that I'll finally shake this gloom
But it's no use there will never be a day when I don't
Think of you can't shake this gloom it's a neverending
Cloudy day for me this will all end soon I'm gonna find me
A man and then be free again