War Paint


Yeah! War Paint, Yeah! 
War Paint... 
Put It On, Put It On
Night Is Over, Lipstick Heaven
Bet You Can't Get It 
From The 7/11
Charcol Is Our Body Armor
Blacked Our Faces 
From Runny Mascara
Perfect Make Up, We Don't Care

We've Got Tangles In Our Hair
Get Your Masks On
Put It On If You Dare
Yeah! Yeah! 
Slapping On The War Paint
Got No Class 
But We Got The Style
War Paint
Slap It On When We Do War
War Paint
If You Can't Get A Head, 
Get The Right Clothes On
We Don't Wanna Go To Heaven
All We Want Is... War Paint
Drunken Nights Are Such A Killer
Smudge Your Face On Your Pillow
Made You Look 
And I Made You Stare,

Made You Lose Your Underwear! x3

Chorus x1

Who Wants To Be So...
Who Wants To Be So...
When You Can Be So Radical

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