Vinnie Paz

Ruin your idol, I'm glued to the Bible and my rifle, losing your title
Instead of shooting you're suing for libel
Everybody hate me cause I stay true to the facts
The Ku Klux Klan hate me more than Jews and Blacks
Yeah, you over for certain, you can pray to whoever
Jehovah, Buddha, Allah, Jesus, Mother Mary the Virgin
Is it the violence that the TV taught us?
I grew up worshipping Charles Bronson, John Rambo, and Chuck Norris
Pazienza the Pazmanian Damien rapping the pain he in
Cracking your cranium, I'm macking mahogany at the Palladium
I'm Bruce Leroy, you Eddie Arkadian
I got the gat and the black me Arabian I'm waterboarding like Dick Cheney
And yo back at the first day of my birth
The moment I was born I was condemned by the Catholic Church
Warsaw battling the streets we inhabited
I'm sugar like Ray Robinson, you ain't even saccharin
Leaving you staggering making an impact
New York, we created this rap
This a blatant attack, East Coast we taking it back, c'mon

Life is love, death, pain
Hate nothing to gain
Life is love, death, pain
Hate nothing to gain

I'm letting this motherfuckers live, it was truly compassion
I'm brutally bashing cause I'm steadily losing my passion
Tell Louie to stab em or to shoot em with two different Magnums
I'm usually packing carry hawks like I'm Julian Jackson
I'll rob em for Gucci, I'm a thief, these are Lucifer's actions
I'm a provider, I'm a messiah, Jesus' assassin
I don't think it's anybody living truly could match this
I slaughter Buddha through the computer, Medusa's companion
A lot of rappers wanna beef with the lion
Ain't too many people that's as fucking lethal as I am
I feast em and fry em, Vinnie so at peace with the violence
I exercise absolute power, peace to the tyrants
I'm old school like quarter waters and eating in silence
You new school like faggot rappers competing for prizes
I'm a send you to the afterlife speak to Osiris
And when he ask you why you there tell him the lethalest virus