In Charge


You know who is in charge
Don't make me say it again
This little girl really is 'bout to break the market open
No there is no weak beats cause you know what I'm about
Recorded changes fuckin' beats cause all we're hearing is crap
I've been around around in these clubs
Wanna know what I found?
This poppy dance crap wannabe overground
But this is 2006 so listen all you suckers
We grew up on hearing rap and not you fake ass rockers

I don't care about you
But what I want is BJ
Gimmie some new dope beats
And I'll bring back the paper
Yes I sound so fresh on any tempo
And I'll see you at my show, mouthing all my flows
Is that your girl who's watchin me?
She might become a lesbian
I rap for my ladies to pump up the feminine
Yo, your fuckin' crew better stay out my way
'Cause I got a DJ like OH! and a partner like HEY!

Now us girls are fed up of all you wannabes
You've got your hat on the side and you talk like a G
But wearing all these fat clothes doesn't make you a pimp
I'm gonna tell you straight up what this bullshit means
You're wearing your pants down
It's dangling off your ass
Is it because you grab your ankles for a VIP pass?
You use your new fancy phone to call back your mother,
"hey mom I'm with my boys I won't be home for dinner, "
Little Uff's got the sound that's why you're movin' like that
We are back I got rhyming
I ain't never get whack
While you're here raise your hands
Show the world where you at
Cause you ain't never seen a cutie who can drop it like that

You're just out of sunday sports
Time your your favorite class
How To Feel Like A Pimp: 10 Lessons In Rap
Oh boy you know everything
Selling dope, cooking rock
If I got you a record deal would you blow up the spot?
While you others got dreams, me? I'm making it happen
I ain't in this damn biz with no silly ambition
I wanna bounce in the club 'till it makes me crazy
I wanna hear some new shit so let me get busy
Little Uff's got the sound that's why you movin' like that
That's why you run to the phone after each track that we drop
Saying, "Damn, Busy P you gotta get me this girl, "
But you ain't gonna get shit
I got the best producers