Silly Niggaz

Martinez Angie

On any day, in the hood 
In front of any building, you can find some chicks 
And what will they talk about? Niggaz 

[A] Yo, yo get the fuck outta here! 
[U] Yeah, that fuckin bum motherfucker 
[U] Pico and shit from around the corner, that nigga be wildin 

Uh-huh, yeah.. 

I know this player named Ricky, push an 850 
Light-skinned, slim, with a head like Sticky 
All you gotta do girlfriend is slip a mickie 
And in a quickie, Ricky turns into tricky 

Aiyyo but what about his man? Cuz named Stan 
Run around town in the plush Benz van 
Ice all around his Rolex band 
but runnin his mouth bout his credit card scams 

Yeah jerk that nigga, I heard of that nigga 
The crew of quick niggaz wanna murder that nigga, shit 
He must be listenin to too much Jigga 
Buddy Longdough, he got no figures 

Yo, aiyyo I know you know Ralph, up on T (?) 
He a Puerto Rican cat, yeah you know he eat out 
Walk around town with the weed and heat out 
And he loco in the coco, dank weed out 

[both - repeat 2X] 
All over the world, niggaz got a story to tell 
Is you fly as fuck, or you broke as hell? 
What set you claim nigga, is you thug or what? 
What set you claim nigga, is it love or what? 

Rude bwoy name Brian, nigga stay lyin 
Got regular, but he swear it's Hawaiian 
Part time dealer, part time client 
Smokin up what he should be supplyin 

And yo that kid Black, don't know how to act 
Wanna keep the Timbs on when he hit it from the back (oop!) 
Pullin on my hair, almost loosened up a track 
But I like that kid, he can keep comin back! 

[laughter and ad libs]

Everybody back up, back up off the ropes 
All you silly niggaz are gonna have to back up 
[laughin] We're gonna need all silly niggaz to back up off the ropes! 
Move back.. back.. back.. back..