Never Believe

Career Soldiers

I'd rather spend eternity in hell
Than live a life on my fucking knees
Fuck you and your god's rules
I live my life according to me

You say that everything will be okay
The world is in your god's hand, helping us through the days
You say that when we all die
We'll float up to a heaven in the fucking sky
I've never heard anything so stupid in my life
What a load of shit, how can you buy into this book of lies?
I won't believe in their scam
They'll take your life and money right out of your hands

I'll never fucking believe
I'll never bow down on my fucking knees
And pray to a god that does not exist
Your religion is full of shit
I don't want any part of it

The only thing religion has saved us from
Is a better world without slaughter and restricted freedom
Just look at history
Religious wars from sea to sea
I never in my life want to be "saved"
I won't become another self imposed slave
You can count me out
Because fiction is what religion is all about