March October


March has come time to awaken
Break the silence deeply sleeping
And the stillness lasting ages
Once more to start freely moving
And the pulse start beating strongly
And the words set calmly flowing
Blow the dust out of the pipe ends
Rid the chains of rust they carry
And the pulse set free and roaming
And unleash the words from slumber
One another then shall follow
Join each other in the alloy
To bring forth the march October
In march start and onwards journey
Boldly reach out for October
With the tunes as flocks that follow
And the words as their companion
Shall the tunes then whisper softly
And roar load like rising thunder
With a leadscape on their shoulders
Or mere sunrays as their clothing
Shall the words not sing of sorrow
Leave for others words of lament
Proudly join the tunes sounding
Gallant ways the pulse beating
Take their place in the alloy
Fortify the compsound forming
And unite the substance growing
And meld matter made for lasting
To complete the march October