We Were Gods

Foster Jen

Light the stars in your eyes
 Quiet doubts in your mind
 Follow me to the place where our colors bled
 The young, invincible ones
 Rockets aimed at the sun

 We never once questioned where we were going
 They called us all wrong, and they trashed all our songs
 They dressed us for church, and they threw us in blind
 We gathered our hands, and we turned towards the wind

 It was our time
 We were gods, we were gods
 We were gods, at least, we thought

 I will never forget
 Days we skipped out of class
 The subtle crash of a kiss still forbidden
 When time was our time to waste
 And love was ours to forsake

 And all our biggest mistakes gave us all our best stories
 We threw out the map, and we tossed up our caps
 We swore that we'd break every brick in that wall
 But it took all our breath when we found that they'd set us up to fall

 We were gods, we were gods
 We were gods, at least, we thought…..
 Before we were lawyers
 And homeless self-employers
 Before we crash-landed
 Into the sky...
 We were gods, we were gods

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