Pick It Up

Lil Mama

Pick it up, pick it up, pick it up, C'mon (3x)
Pick it up, C'mon (2x)

Pick it up don't drop it
Keep drill bouncin'
Everybody be chasin' me
Hey Y'all
They be dancin' with me
Hey Y'all
We're in the place to be
Hey Y'all

Well when there is stuff like this
C'mon off in the club
They turn the value
Up, up with it up
They pumpin' it up
And out pops stuff
The A to ways is like uh uh uh
Who really really wants a front to the front
We know that pumping goes dumpety dump
Like humpty the dump
Sittin' on the wall
Like humpty the dump had a very great fall

Pick it up, don't drop it
Pop lock it& then stop it
And I'm feeling you not got it
Light grub it
Borderline pants pocket
Y'all block it
While I double 07 knock it
Who rock it
Most hugs when I rock it
I rock it when I emotional I mock it
Well sock it
That's why these droppers try to mock it
Can't knock it, I'm cocky they fish mock it
Know, back to the club in the fast lane
Put your hands up hey! hey!
Show me lip when we not rock rock
And do it do it do it like you just can't stop

Act like cheddar, cheese so saucey
Hot bossy, wrists so frosty
And it get to my neck
It could cost me
But a hundred fifty grand lips so glossy
Rocks like BOOM sex
You see them frost bites
I ain't even got to 'spect so cause the whole night
Bent him, could'a lost my bracelet
Girls lookin' at me
Lookin' like they need face lifts
I'm tellin' you
From the window
To the wall
The whole place fall
Glass fall, from the heat
From the mess, from the sweat, from the people
You party?
Nope I will teach you
Just let yo body rock like the beat do
And if you feelin' like you can't get up
Let the music pick you up
Pick it up

Pick it up
Pick it up
Pick it up
Pick it up
Pick it up
Pick it up
(hey y'all)

Pick it up
Pick it up
(hey y'all)

Pick it up
Pick it up

Hey Y'all

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