Act Of Nature

Cheryl Wheeler

The wind came round and blew this place apart
It's you and me now sitting in the dark
The lights are out and everybody's home
Its you and me and we are both alone

The lines are down there's just no getting through
You stare at me and I stare back at you
And in the dark I know that I can't see
Cause here you are and still don't see me

Act of nature, act of god
Raging through our sedentary lives
We are on the brink
We are floundering
Spinning in this dark and rising tide

The storm has blow this great big beauty down
The branches all confusion on the ground
I've watched it grow and thought I knew it well
I never dreamed I'd see the day it fell

So bolt the door, seal the cracks
Close your eyes don't look back
Hold your ears tight against the roar
Someone said I should hear
Warning cries soft and clear
Whispered in the calm before the storm

(Repeat Chorus)

The wind came round and blew this place apart.....