Sylvia Hotel

Cheryl Wheeler

This is a lonely life 
As I know you know too well 
I'm thinking of you tonight 
Here in the Sylvia Hotel 

Smoking a cigarette 
Drinking a glass of beer 
Catching a conversation 
I am trying not to hear 

One more? Why not? Ok. 
Guess I'm glad I came 
To stare at English Bay 
Under all the rain 

There's a cat in this bar right now 
Twitching his tail away 
I called with a soft meow 
Maybe he only speaks Francais 

You must be safe in bed 
Down in your cowboy home 
I don't wonder why you left 
I wonder why you stayed so long 

One more? Why not? Ok. 
I'm glad I came 
And here's to English Bay 
In the lovely rain 

I found some matches from Durango in my pocket 
But if I let my heart get sad then I can't stop it 

And this is a lonely life 
Though I think it suits me well 
And everything's fine tonight 
Here in the Sylvia Hotel