Hello Good Morning (Grime Remix)


The bad boys are back
Blowin up shh like a bomb in Iraq
Diddys in white, I'm in all black
It's about to get real grimey
So somebody say DJ pull up the track
Owww, shut this down
You ain't heard nothing like this since Pow!
You ain't heard nothing like this so God forgive me
Fore I buss my ting right now
Wow, I blow my own trumpet
And if you don't like it, lump it
I'm a UK badboy and just for the record I like tea
But I don't like crumpets
Dirty money and Boy Better Know together
That's crazy as hell
Me and Diddy got both hands on the big red button
Just say the word and we'll shut down the World

This is the grime remix
Hello Good morning
Let's go
Hello good morning
Know you been waiting
For it
Hey yo Skepta

Walked into the club and I got two sexy girls on each side
Money in the bank but still I got to stay on my grind
Man better mention me when they talk about grime
And they told me to shut this down I'm a do it tonight
I'm a do it tonight
It's Skepta I'm that guy
And I'm D-I-D-D-Y
Boy Better Know till I die
And you can't see me I'm way too fly
Chicks stop and stare when I roll by
Hate me and I don't know why
Cause I spent half my life in the sky
And I buy the things that you wanna buy, yeah, take that, come on, don't stop, talk to em girl
So hot that I bring the shit
[?]'m a say hello good morning
Spending dirty money everywhere go from the 504 New York to London
like Diddy we get money the is acting funny
Cause we jet set we taking all your milk and honey
Dirty money up in your area.
I don't kiss and tell but I'm kiss and tell

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