Makes my day

Destination Anywhere

Hello you're welcome Mr. selfish overturn
All the things I thought about are now confirmed
And I can't say that I'm confused or concerned
It's out of my control I shut up and I turn away
Hello come in Mr. Emotional outburst
Welcome home again was it cold out there
in the great wide world
And are you hungry, heres a drink
Torture is a thirsty work
Now pull me, fool me and degrate me
Make me feel awful and hurt

All the bad luck
All the mistakes
It's what makes my day complete
It's what makes my day

Mr. Fear of the Future are you doin well
You're feelin home into my room and thats ok
I'm getting used to you I'm not asking for mercy
The others say I'm not ok and that I'm freaky
Hello Ms. exam nerves come in join the group
You're not alone in here my other fears
are waiting just for you
And they will help you bring me down
Kill my self-confidence without a sound
You're out of bounds
Give me what I need to feel alone

And then we'll sit together
And then we'll drink a tea
And then we'll talk about my life
Never been any better
And I won't ever be
I feel alive and I feel safe