Flesh-Collector Machine


Doctor! Doctor!
Can you help me please? No!
Madman! Madman!
What is your work now? Shut up!
I’m creating a machine, and you will be the first to die…
…by my evil creation, Calm! Calm! Soon you will meet…
Is the hidden face of my insane brain, taste this proof of pain!

Doctor! Doctor!
Is this real life? Yes!
Madman! Madman!
I belong to you? Fuck Yeah!
It’s a pleasure for me show to you my new creation, Motors on,
Three, Two, One...
It’s Alive! Ha ha ha ha!

Flesh-Collector Machine
You’ll be trapped and devoured
Beautiful form of life
You can pray for your soul

You’ll feel the horror inside you
Pleasure or pain is your choice
The nightmare has just begun, Hey!
The haunting starts you must be afraid!

Fear… the machine!
Slaves of pleasure… your dreams come true!

Stop! And watch…
The machine is coming for you soul
Your world of lies
Is turned to black by the power of…

Flesh-Collector Machine
Is really what you want
Your hypocrisy
Useless weapon now!

You are possessed by an eternal lie
Your eyes only say who you really are
Beyond the mirror there is something more
But now it’s too late, welcome to hell!

Don’t waste your words, this nightmare is your last breath
Through your screams I can see that you realize
The machine doesn’t forgive
It’s eating you, now the matter is clear…
… I know you love it!

Don’t Stop and Watch
The machine is full of your love
Your world of fucking lies
Is turned to black by the power of the Flesh-Collector Machine

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