Filthy Criminals


Global terror rages, sadistic carnage unleashed 
Crimson harvest begins! 
Behold the destruction of man 
When this beautiful world you know ceases to exist, 
you'll be like an exhausted lamb, a predator's feast. 
Pathetic system cracks, revealing the nature of man. 
Bestial orgy of loss and dehumanized madness. 
Survival equals murder, kiss the sword of malignancy. 
When all innocence is raped and sodomized 
Can you feel the pulse of the omnipotent power, of the 
beast who dwells in man. 
Disclosure of fate, your world's final hour. 
Barbwired dreams came true, there is no turning back. 
Total cleansing - barbarian creed's revival. 
Diabolic salvation given by the hands of plague. 
Death and terror mark the path of survival. 
I look forward to the day when you learn you're nothing 
but a worm. 
Your worthless life and your mortal standards are 
destined to fall. 
No state of grace, nothing but hate, nihilized chaos 
purifies the ground. 
Greet the crimetide!