In Morbid Rapture


I mock the superfluous existence
Into the lifeless void I dive
Abominating the inconsistent order
The golden gates of madness are open wide

Alteration - the sigil of hate engraved
Isolation - forever bound to desecrate
Desecration - the scorn will be sustained
Liberation - reborn to die again

The final disillusion
The unspeakable illumination
No human fears
All confusion left behind

Slowly, slowly 
I'm falling into the abyss of nothingness
Slumbering in the emptiness so terribly delightful
And splendidly endless
And all the images blur and disappear
In this sacred darkness of mine

Slowly, slowly
I'm falling asleep in the eye of the mystery
And all illusions die and all that's human is left behind
And the fire of awakening erupts in me